family hug

"Right after I got the news of my husband's illness I felt lost! How our lives will look from here on? What awaits us economically? And anyway, do we have rights? Who can I use? Who really are my real friends? Which organizations support a case like ours? Who will take the children out of school? Who can help me with the transportation? Who ... what ... how?

Family HUG = Helping, Understanding, Giving

Every family that experiences cancer needs support, information and a safety net.

Yad Tamar provides the family with holistic assistance in order to be able to operate their daily lives with maximum relaxation and tranquility

A family in crisis is experiencing a variety of difficulties. Some of the difficulties are economic and social and part of it belongs to the sense of loneliness of the patient and the family. A crisis situation requires almost immediately the investment of financial resources beyond the family’s budget. Some families are able to meet the initial economic burden. Some are not.
As the crisis period continues and as the needs increase, the economic difficulty increases. This is a pit. And the pit deepens and threatens to swallow the family.

No one is happy to be in need of someone else.

The State of Israel is a welfare state, and therefore there are many and varied rights in the law for a person suffering from various types of illness. Activity at several levels in order to extract the rights of the patient and his family in a crisis will result in the family receiving the economic and social resources due to it by law.
In addition, we are aware of the importance of giving the family unique tools to manage the organization. The tools include, among others: Case Manager, which helps prioritize tasks and recruit the most help forces in a smart and effective way
Yad Tamar’s family escorts undergo special training for home visits and to promote individualized and coordinated family support and assistance. The process also addresses the difficulties in organizing family assistance for the applicant and his family, as well as the provision of effective tools in this field, which are anchored in the Yad Tamar’s family model.
The family HUG – the diamond model
  • The whole model is built in the form of a typical diamond.
  • The diamond shape of the model describes the envelope with the family and the volunteer. In this section, Yad Tamar’s staff participate in their various roles, professional  advisors, assisting organizations, and more.
  • The inside of the diamond demonstrates the volunteers’ work directly with the applicant and his family. The structure presents the gradual integration between the abilities of the applicant and his family and the degree of response and assistance provided by the volunteer. The higher the capability, the more targeted and short-term assistance will be provided.
  • Yad Tamar Family Management program” diamond runs through the entire model and can be used at any stage.
  • In order to decide on the scope of the assistance that will be submitted to the family, an absorption process is conducted – including acquaintance and mapping of initial needs, processing within the Yad Tamar system, and a proposal for the scope of assistance.
  • The final decision on the extent of the help is only after meeting the family.
  • Yad Tamar operates a volunteer coordinator whose role is to accompany the volunteers at every stage. Each region will have an area administrator and later team leaders in order to fill the role.

The most important! To know that the answers are in the family!

All along we will provide a lot of:
Positive reinforcements.
Finding forces.
Relating to things as information, without criticism or judgment.
Empathy instead of identification.
Practicality – a priority for strengthening family independence

The basic stage

Clarification of rights + connection to databases

The advanced stage

Actual help filling out forms. While working remotely.

The comprehensive stage

Practical work with the authorities and government ministries, including meetings. • Inclusive - Operation of the "Yad Tamar Community Connection" diamond (can take place at each stage)

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